Friends of the Battery


Anyone who is interested or who has enjoyed the experience of the Battery is invited to enrol as a Friend to receive news of the Battery’s Programme and plans.

There is no commitment or membership fee in becoming a Friend of the Battery and if you wish to become a friend you should contact or write to Friends of the Battery, Dunbar Harbour, McArthur’s Store, Victoria street, Dunbar EH42 1HW.

There are opportunities for Friends of the Battery to give of their time or their money if they so wish. Any funds raised will be dedicated to the work of the Battery.

To make a direct donation or raise money just by shopping online (at no cost to yourself) here:

Dunbar Battery Fundraising | Easyfundraising

There are specific, more rewarding, volunteering roles to be filled. These include –

  1. Marketing
  2. Fundraising
  3. Website management
  4. Event co-ordination
  5. Garden supervision
  6. Litter supervision
  7. Stewarding of events

If you wish to give of your time in these or any other ways please contact

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