About Dunbar Battery

In 2017 Dunbar created a special location at the ruined Battery on Lamer Island that is available for the general public to explore and enjoy at almost any time. It also provides a unique venue for groups wishing to engage with the performing arts. Funding from Viridor Credits, Historic environment Scotland, and East Lothian Council made this all possible.

The Battery is part of Dunbar’s historic harbours and is owned by the Dunbar Harbour Trust. The Battery is managed as a not-for-profit location, open for all to enjoy.

The location is quiet and peaceful, apart from the sounds of nature that can include the wind off the North Sea and the cries of the kittiwakes.  Events will take place that respect and are appropriate for this environment.

Dunbar is called Sunny Dunny for good reason. However there are stormy days when the Battery is closed for safety reasons.