The Nevis Ensemble Return to Dunbar Battery!

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The Dunbar Harbour Trust are delighted to announce the Nevis Ensemble are returning to Dunbar Battery!

Since their first performance in July 2018, the orchestra has given almost 200 performances to around 28,500 people all across Scotland, from the schools, supermarkets and museums of Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, to a farm in the Scottish Borders and the summit of Ben Nevis in the Highlands – and everywhere in between, including the biggest ever tour by an orchestra of the Outer Hebrides – all the way out to the remote archipelago of St Kilda.

On Sunday 21st November a small chamber group of four Nevis Ensemble musicians (as opposed to the full orchestra) will give a 40 minute acoustic performance as part of their Year of Coasts and Waters 20/21 touring programme of Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire; East Lothian; Ayrshire; Highland. Repertoire would be mixed genre, including a new commission written with participants from the area.

The performance starts at 11:30am.

Outstanding musicians and incredible fun. Don’t miss out!

Read more about our previous tours at: Nevis Ensemble – Scotland’s Street Orchestra


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