Cancelled: The John Muir Way, Battery Theatre Co. Production

Interpreting the history

The Battery Theatre Company return to perform at Dunbar Battery this summer, bringing yet another fabulous performance to this unique venue on Sat 9th and Sun 10th July.

The John Muir Way

by Rebekah King

John Muir was born in Scotland, but is renowned in the USA for his campaign to preserve wilderness for wilderness’ sake which led to the establishment of the world’s first national park system and made him a hero throughout the world. How did this lad from Dunbar change the world?

The play will tour venues along the 134 mile route of the John Muir Way across Scotland from Helensburgh to Dunbar, sharing the life of this incredible Scot through stories and song.

Audience reviews for previous Battery Theatre productions

“Outstanding performance of an excellent piece of playwriting… well-paced, engaging and the musical accompaniment was beautiful and atmospheric.” (Mary It began with a lass…, 2019)

“Such a moving experience, and so well balanced, with the powerful poignancy of the story offset with great humour… it is through the power of this sort of empathetic and personal storytelling that the lessons of history are really felt in the soul. We all need that – now more than ever.” (Homecoming, 2018)

Tickets available on the door or in advance from The Crunchy Carrot, Dunbar High Street.

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